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With a plan of being one of the leading pan African IogistiCS solutions, PIL Logistics Sudan aim to offer a COmplete and comprehensive logistics solutions to all our clients based in the African Continent. With numerous Inland Transportation operations, PIL Logistics is a key player in strengthen- ing Sudan‘s supply chain.

PIL Logistics is working hard to empow- er customers’ movements within Africa to contribute towards developing solutions to logistic problems faced due to the poor infrastruCture in the Continent.

Our Digitally transformed fleet management system, our experienced personnel will help our customers wove produCts in between Africa.

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Road Transport Warehouse Transport Customer Clearance


Silos,Dry Good Carriers


Indian Sub Continent,Gulf,Africa,
Australia,New Zealand,Latin America


South East Asia,Bay of Bengal



"We believe that integrity is the bedrock of our partners and customers which is why we chose Elbarbary Group to work with”

PIL Shipping Company Ltd. is the shipping agent in Sudan for Pacific Inter- national Lines. It is a joint venture company between Admiral Shipping Co. Ltd, Sudan and Pacific International Line (PIL) Singapore.

PIL is one of the largest ship owners in Asia, and it is ranked 10th amongst the top containership operators in the world. PIL shipping holds 30-3598 of port Sudan’s import and export container traffic, and is considered among the top 3 shipping lines in Sudan. Elbarbary and PIL have been serving the shipping industry in Sudan since 1967, and continue to explore opportunities for expansion in the logistics industry in the country.




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